You can’t imagine our life without a cell phone anymore, right? We do practically everything on the smartphone, from paying bills to entertainment.

This little device has transformed people‘s daily lives, and there is always a new app that makes everyday activities even easier. We selected the most useful ones and explained the importance of choosing the right cell phone. Just take a look!

The role of apps in our lives

When you wake up in the morning, what’s the first thing you do? If your answer is to pick up your cell phone to check the time, weather, emails and message notifications know that you are part of the majority! Little by little, it was modernized, grouping functions and participating more and more in our days.

Without realizing it, we became quite dependent on the smartphone. To give you an idea,  cell phones are the main means of accessing the internet. That’s because the market offers models at affordable prices, which help to democratize use and connect people. The survey by the Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE) also points out that, before the pandemic, almost  80% of the population over the age of 10  already had a smartphone for personal use.

What used to be used to make calls or exchange messages is now also part of the work routine of many people. And that’s not all! Many people like to use their cell phones to play games, watch videos, movies and series, follow important figures and even buy online. Currently, we can order food via delivery, call a driver per app, organize our tasks and much more.

05 useful apps to have on your mobile

It’s great to have the technology to make everyday life easier. Forgive us, our grandparents, but if you can shorten the path with apps and other digital resources, we won’t waste time racking our brains, right? So, check out the suggestions we’ve brought you to install on your mobile device!

1. Guiabolso

The first application is for those who want to organize their financial life. With Guiabolso, you can make a monthly summary of your expenses, including plans and statements. 📊

In a very intuitive way, you can get a better idea of your expenses, income and where you can save. It’s one of the most useful apps because it doesn’t let the user forget about the due dates of accounts and bills to be paid, for example.

With it, you can still carry out several banking operations, which is great for those who want the convenience of doing everything at home.


2. CamScanner

When we need a scanned document, it is no longer necessary to run after a multifunction printer or photocopier. With CamScanner,  just take a picture of what you want to “scan” for features like smart cropping and improved text and image quality.

Too easy, right? And best of all, the application even allows you to insert a logo or signature on scanned documents. These files are saved in PDF or JPG format and are ready to be sent or shared over the internet. 😍


3. Unit Converter

Why just have a calculator when you can have a  unit converter, stopwatch, world time zone, protractor and loads of other features all in one place? The Unit Converter is a very functional app, which saves us in those moments of doubt about calculations, proportion, interest, area length and other situations.

It is easy to use, very intuitive and has different features. It offers, for example, scientific instruments for you to carry out operations in the areas of finance, engineering and science. Not to mention that it takes up little storage space on your device, whether it’s a cell phone, notebook or tablet.

Unlike many apps, this option is only available for devices with Android OS.

4. Trello

With so much to do on a daily basis, we sometimes miss a task from our priority list. Who never? So, in order not to run the risk of leaving something undone, it’s good to write down all your activities!

With the help of Trello, you will be able to increase productivity, as it works with the Kanban method. Its structure includes columns of open, in-progress, and completed tasks. It’s all in a very easy to visualize way, then nothing is out of the deadline, nor your radar.

useful apps

5. Canvas

Your posts will never be the same after you’ve given the images a treat with the Canva app. Besides, you can create graphic pieces with a professional look, ok? Business cards, posters, logos and even resumes or calendars.

Because it works as a graphical editor, it allows you to use ready-made templates or develop from scratch, depending on your preference. It’s very easy to manipulate the tools, whether on a notebook or cell phone screen. This complete app goes beyond photo montages and offers you a complete experience to rock social media! 😎





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