There are different types of investment. There are also some terms used in this medium and information that is essential for investing without error. The way is to take it one step at a time so you can start getting familiar with this new thing. 😉

By learning little by little, you will see that it is not that complicated, and you will soon master the subject. In this article, we list 6 very simple tips for you to get organized and start using your money in a more profitable and intelligent way. Check it out!

Why is it important to invest your money?

One of the first things we need to clarify about investing for beginners is the need for commitment and discipline. These two aspects are fundamental so that you don’t end up spending all your money without saving anything. To make this commitment, it is necessary to understand the importance of investing.

There are people who believe that money was made to spend, but this thought can end up making us unable to achieve greater things, to have new achievements and achievements. 😕

The investment makes all of this possible because we end up organizing our finances, using money in a smarter way and even saving some of it to achieve a certain goal.

Some people, for example, invest to take a trip; others want to pay for their children’s college. There are also those who want to buy a house, change their car or who are already thinking about their retirement.

The important thing is to understand that when we talk about investing, it doesn’t mean saving money for anything. In fact, it will be there paying off, increasing your equity more and more so when the time is right you can redeem the amounts you need. Isn’t that cool?

How to start investing?

investment for beginners

There are shares, investments in real estate, fixed income, Selic rate, letters of credit, direct treasury, bills of exchange, certificates and a lot of other things. You can’t deny that when it comes to investing there is a lot for us to know, but you don’t have to pull your hair out. 😬

As we said, just go one step at a time and now what you need is investment tips and information for beginners. Thus, you will have the first contact with this universe, adjust your financial life, acquire knowledge and get ready to dive headfirst!

See below what it takes to start this new stage of your life.

1. Set a goal

Remember that we said that each person has a specific objective when investing? So the first thing you need to do is decide which one is yours. What do you want with your investments? 🤔

  • Are you just thinking about saving money?
  • Want to make it income, like a savings account?
  • Is your goal to buy a house, a car, take a trip, or something like that?
  • Want to ensure a smoother retirement?

Think calmly about this because for each of these goals there is a better type of investment. But that’s not all: when we set a goal, it’s easier to commit to saving to invest.

2. Organize your financial life

Now that you know what you want, our next investment tip for beginners is to organize your finances. After all, if your accounts are a mess, it will be difficult to understand what can and cannot be done with the money.

Take time out of your day, see what your bills are, how much you earn and what’s leftover per month. Check if there are any overdue debts and try to catch up on everything. Identify what are the superfluous expenses and make adjustments in your habits to maintain a good standard of living, but without spending for nothing. 👍

3. Plan your finances

The planning of finance is a little different from the financial organization. In the first case, we put everything in its proper place to understand our earnings, expenses, what needs to be paid and so on. When we plan, we define how the money will be spent.

So, if I receive, for example, BRL 2,500 a month, but I already have BRL 1,000 committed to debt, that leaves BRL 1,500 for the rest. The planning defines what will be done with this amount and how much I can reserve to start investing.

Also considering a monthly salary of R$2,500, instead of relying on all that money, you can establish that your salary is R$2,400 or R$2,300. Thus, this remainder can be allocated to a reserve, which will be invested later. 💲💲

4. Start saving money

The investment tip for beginners that we left in the previous topic is worth a lot here too. After all, one way you can start saving money is to set an amount you can’t count on, practically as if it didn’t exist.

The values ​​we talked about are just a few suggestions. Ideally, you adjust this amount according to what you have available each month. You might not be able to save much right now at the beginning, but that could change over time.

Saving money is a habit that we will cultivate slowly, so if you have a lot of accounts now you can start saving only R$ 20 or R$ 50 per month, for example. It is better to save just a little than to save nothing at all . Grain by grain the hen fills her belly! 🐔

Little by little, you will see your reserve forming, and this is an incentive to think better about the expenses that will be made. We stop spending on nonsense to save and thinking about the goal you’ve set, you’ll notice that coin by coin it gets closer and closer. 😍

5. Study about investment

Even if investments seem like a complicated topic, you can learn. Wow, when he was born he didn’t know how to read or write either, right? He didn’t even know how to talk and walk, and in the end, he learned, didn’t he? So, do it the same way: go slowly and it works! 😊

There is a lot of material available, mainly on the internet, and experts who speak in simple language about investing for beginners. You can look up information on blogs, watch videos on YouTube, follow profiles on social media, look up a print or digital books, and so on. The important thing is to learn a little bit each day.

6. Talk to those who already invest

It’s also nice to talk to people who already make investments. If you don’t have any friends who invest and don’t know anyone close to you, that’s fine. The internet is there for that too!

Through social networks, you can be part of groups, communities and forums, in order to have contact with those who are also starting in this universe and with those who already have good knowledge. You can exchange experiences and information. 😉

It’s interesting to talk to those who are already in this environment because you learn about trends, news and what is bringing good returns. Anyway, stay up to date with the current in this area. In addition, discover what brings the returns you want, checking in practice how everything works.


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