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By 2050, 200 million people will be forced to migrate due to climate change


Ariston marks the International Day of Science for Peace and Development by supporting scientific research on the impact of climate change.

World Science Day for Peace and Development is celebrated every year on November 10, the date set by UNESCO for the involvement of public opinion in debates on current scientific topics. In 2020, the year in which the pandemic demonstrated the critical role of science in addressing global challenges, the theme of the day becomes  Science for and with society . 

The event aims to better inform people about research, discoveries and forecasts. It also emphasizes the role that scientists play in broadening our understanding of the remarkable and fragile planet we call home and in making our societies more sustainable.

Global warming – and its consequences for the Earth – is one of the most important challenges we face globally. Scientists estimate that by 2050 about 200 million people will have to migrate due to climate change!

Since 2018, the Ariston Thermo Group has been actively supporting scientific research on the impact that climate change has on the planet and society, through the Ariston Comfort Challenge project. Researchers in Greenland have the Ariston Comfort Zone home, an eco-friendly and sustainable construction, where the outer shell has been designed to support high energy efficiency, which ensures low energy consumption while maintaining the comfort of the inhabitants in the harshest conditions. meteorological. This shelter allows researchers at the University of Copenhagen to study the Arctic ecosystem during the winter, as well as the consequences of climate change on the ice sheet, wildlife and people living in the region.

At Ariston Comfort Zone, researchers had the opportunity to study in detail the impact of climate change on the quality of life of the community. “The melting of the ice opens up new routes, new itineraries for travel in the area: even the communities in the settlements here resort to new means of transport, from dog sleds to small boats. […] Logistics will change, new ports are likely to emerge, and local politicians will have to take action to divert goods, trade and traffic to new routes, which do not involve excessive fuel consumption.

International Science Day and its goal of involving public opinion in the debate on science and development are an opportunity for Ariston to reaffirm its commitment to tackling global warming by promoting sustainable, long-term action. The UN Scientific Committee on Climate emphasizes in its 2019 report that migration caused by economic difficulties will turn into migration due to climate change, a difficult transformation that can be the main cause of conflicts.

Ariston has allocated 77 million euros for investment, research and development

Ariston’s commitment is not limited to supporting science to counteract the effects of climate change but is also reflected in sustainable development, based on the innovation of efficient and quality products. In 2019, the Group continued to consolidate its efforts by increasing by 40% its investments in research and development dedicated to renewable products, compared to 2018. By allocating 77 million euros for investments, research and development, the group now owns globally, 24 centres of competence and research and development in 15 countries. The focus on innovation, as a key driver of growth, provides customers with high-quality products and related installation and maintenance services, thus minimizing environmental impact.

Ariston’s mission to bring comfort to everyone, everywhere, even where it seems hard to reach, through innovative technology and products, is a way to create an emotional connection between science and society. We need to be aware of the impact of our daily choices, and Ariston, through his products, has a chance to emphasize on a daily basis how valuable scientific innovation is, supporting the continuous improvement of people’s lives. Today, scientists and innovators are closer than ever to the entire global community, and this is vital for a better understanding of our planet, for more sustainable societies and more awareness of a new way of life and space. around us.

Ariston is the most important and largest international brand of the Ariston Thermo Group. Founded in Fabriano, Italy in 1960, Ariston is now the global expert in thermal and water heating solutions. Ariston brings comfort to the homes of millions of families around the world every day, offering excellent quality products with advanced performance, durable quality and a specific Italian style. 

Ariston Comfort Challenge

Disko Island (Greenland), three installers from Ariston, a unique mission: to ensure lasting comfort for everyone, even where it seems difficult or impossible to find. This is the Ariston Comfort Challenge (ACC) project, a way to improve ourselves and the community in which we live, to take care of the environment and to create knowledge and a common awareness of our footprint. Thanks to the Ariston Comfort Zone (ACZ) modular house, researchers at the University of Copenhagen had the chance to investigate the effects of climate change on Disko Island, including the habits of the Inuit community. Researchers were able to study the state of permafrost, marine flora and fauna, BWC and CO2 levels and observe the effects of climate change on human communities. Only in the first year, ACC has carried out 22 new climate change studies thanks to the Ariston Comfort Zone. ACZ allows the best control and planning of the data collection process, giving them a place to load their tools. Ariston’s commitment goes beyond its products to studying future scenarios because of its missionACC.


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