Digital transformation affects all organizations, big and little. Waves of technological modification area unit frequent and quick, requiring constant adaptation from firms and their staff. computing, automation, and digital tools area unit shaking up the classic structure and ways in which of in operation. What area unit the new realities of human resources throughout this context? but can they support these changes?

The digital shift brings concerning associate intrinsic modification among the tasks of staff. “Technology is dynamic the style work is completed,” says France Dufresne, MBA, CRIA, Canadian leader of the Talent wares at Willis Tower Watson. Some tasks area unit deleted, done otherwise or together with technologies. “

As digital tools take over repetitive or low-side actions, positions became further skillful. the extent of skills required to assume them is thus tons of upper, that causes inadequacy of labor for specialized positions.

A reinvented collaboration

“Technological tools have in addition revolutionized the style we have a bent to figure on, accentuating the sharing of knowledge, and promoting a further matrix structure,” notes Marie Chantal Ledoux, CRHA, principal partner at Ledoux Conseils. presently you will work anytime, anywhere, with anyone. Managing the hands as before isn’t doable.

“We generally have to be compelled to break the paradigms of managers to induce them to adopt a replacement management vogue that focuses on contribution, responsibility and deliverables together mode, rather than physical presence,” she explains.

In a context of a shortage of resources, hours have to be compelled to be the lookout for novel practices to promote this transversal collaboration.

The impact on the hour mission

The human process of jobs is inflicting a profound modification among the achievement of talent. “Our employment relationship has changed and additionally the contract itself is evolving”, in line with Ms. Dufresne, with recourse to pools of specialists, generally external to the organization (talent platforms, partnerships, etc. ), capable of responding to targeted and spontaneous wishes, outside the traditional salaried position.
Human resources ought to in addition join up with the teams already in place to higher understand their new reality. they will thus be ready to assess the pliability of staff to need the technological flip and place confidence in employment, modification skills, or compartmentalization, hoping on the profiles encountered.

Technology is in addition dynamic the link between staff and human resources. “It is prepared to produce data that hour ought to use to analysis and live the impact of the transformation on human potential”, explains Jean-Sébastien Boulard, CRHA, senior advisor at Normandin Beaudry.

Technology at the service of the employee experience

“We can say that the technological transformation of a company is triumphant once it succeeds in delivery on employee experience, structure performance and shopper experience” in line with an adult male. Boulard.

It is thus essential that hour can join up with technological functions, to higher anticipate and understand human wishes, and thus effectively manage modification. throughout this context, “technology ought to keep a tool, at the service of people, and not the other manner around”, he concludes.


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