But if you’ve never confirmed this option, thinking that it’s not worth it to pay a little extra to have a bigger guarantee on that purchase, we’ll explain in more detail how it really works and, of course, when and why it’s better to accept the proposal.

So, without further ado, let’s get straight to the point! Good reading! 

Extended warranty: what is it?

By law, any new durable product you buy at a store already has a manufacturer’s warranty period, which is stipulated in 90 days to claim and ask for a replacement or refund.

However, when it comes to household appliances and electronics, in general, brands usually offer assistance of up to 1 year and, in some cases, even a little longer.

So far, great! In the case of the extended warranty, it is a warranty offered by the store that sold the product to you and which gives you the right to exchange, repair or refund, after the period established by the manufacturer. Therefore, there is usually an extra fee when hiring this service, but the value is worth it! 

When is it worth investing in the extended warranty? 

Well, if you buy a product and, by chance, the manufacturer offers its own warranty of more than a year (which is difficult, but there are cases like that), then yes, the extended warranty may not make much difference.

But, in general, it can be a very advantageous option, especially if the item is of high added value, such as a notebook, a  Smart TV, a refrigerator, etc. 📳📳📳

After all, even opting for the best brands, we never know what can happen during this period. And here between us, have you ever thought about losing such equipment even before completing the instalment plan?

And it’s not just a matter of trusting the quality of the product! There are several external factors that can influence or cause a problem, such as variation in electrical charge, humidity, temperature and so on. 

Therefore, whenever painting an extended warranty proposal, consider the following points:

  • the total value of the product and an idea of ​​how much it would be fixed in the future;
  • the proposed value of the extended warranty and its cost-effectiveness; 
  • the extra term offered by this extended warranty;
  • which rights are guaranteed (exchange, reimbursement, maintenance, etc.);
  • if the store it offers is trustworthy and has a reference in the market.

What are the advantages of taking out the extended warranty? 

It’s just that in one of these, after a few months, the brand new equipment hits and bangs … it doesn’t have the manufacturer’s warranty anymore! 🚮🚮

In these cases, we are sorry to inform you, but it is the buyer who needs to bear the loss and, of course, it is at this time that we give more value to the extended warranty that we did not hire at the beginning.

Therefore, to give a better example, we detail below some indisputable advantages that only service of this type can provide to the buyer.

Less worry

The first of all the advantages of an extended warranty, without a doubt, is that feeling of tranquillity and less worry about “losing money”, in case the equipment has a problem after the manufacturer’s deadline.

And look, this is super common! That way, you gain a little extra time to use your product and you are sure that, if something happens, the store will need to deal with that contract.

more savings

“Ah, but the extended warranty is paid separately, right?” That’s right to say that! But the big thing here is not to see the price, but the cost-benefit of this proposal.

After all, which is more expensive: a small extra purchase fee or the loss of a repair or even the exchange of that item for a new one?

Other than that, keep in mind that the extended warranty usually has a one-time fee, which is outside the total price of the product. In other words, while you manage to pay for the purchase in instalments, the guarantee “kills” itself right away.

guarantee your rights

The extended warranty works like a contract between you and the selling store. And, for that, a contract is signed that stipulates all your rights and the supplier’s duties in case of a problem. 

That way, you’re not hiring something by mouth and falling into sales pitch. We are talking about a documental thing, provided for by law and which gives you rights as a consumer.



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