This new method of payment represents a revolution in the way you transfer and receive money. Like many operations today, it takes place in the digital environment and can be completed in a very short time. It is a valuable alternative to different consumer profiles. 😉

If you still have security-related questions, keep an eye on the information we’ve prepared on the subject. Let’s show you some tips and precautions to use the resource with peace of mind.

What is Pix?

In recent months, this term has appeared a lot in the daily lives of Brazilians and represents an instant payment system. It was created by the Central Bank at the end of 2020 and is available to all bank and financial institution customers.

Given the recent release, it’s normal for people to be curious to know if Pix is ​​safe and how to take advantage of it without worry. And just as we’ve already brought tips for WhatsApp, finance advice and other practices, we want to resolve some issues involving technology.

Well, we already said that yes, this method is guaranteed by several factors. First, know that operations via Pix receive the same layer of authentication and encryption used in well-known bank transfers, such as TED or DOC.

In addition to bank secrecy, the information exchanged by Pix users is supported by the General Data Protection Law. The developers’ goal was to allow people to feel comfortable receiving and sending money 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 😎

How does Pix work?

If Pix is ​​safe, there’s nothing better than testing the tool and seeing if it meets your needs. To use, you need to have the bank, financial institution or payment company application installed on your mobile. The resource will appear as an option along with other transfer forms.

Users of this system need to register types of keys, which will have a combination of numbers or letters. It is possible, for example, to launch models that involve data from the CPF, personal telephone, e-mail or even a random code — this will be generated by the system itself.

With the keys ready, you can shop at stores or hire services, transfer valuables to someone or receive money from someone else. When completing a transaction via the mobile app, just select the “pay with Pix” field and enter the key that corresponds to the destination account.

What are the advantages?

Knowing that Pix is ​​secure is among the main conditions for opting for the payment method. However, the benefits are not limited to data protection. The feature is also convenient and time-saving as it is very intuitive. See a summary of the benefits.

Easy and quick to do

With just a few taps on the mobile screen, you can send any value to an individual or company. Those who are going to make the payments only need to select the Pix area and enter the key provided by the beneficiary.

Some stores even provide QR Codes for customers to copy and paste in the field reserved for keys. This makes the process even easier, which usually takes less than 10 seconds.

instant transfer

Agility is also guaranteed for those who receive the amount per Pix. This is because, after filling in the data, the money is immediately transferred to the recipient’s account. Remember that, in case of suspected fraud, this transfer can be held for an hour, until the company is able to assess the situation.

lower rates

They are minor and apply only to legal entities. On the other hand, the instant payment system does not generate any cost to individual users and Individual Microentrepreneurs (Meis). It is a good solution for families who want to save money on financial transactions. 😍

There is no transaction limit

Pix has no rules about the amount of transfers. This means that you can use it to shop online or in physical stores, pay bills (electricity, water and internet, for example) and even pay taxes . In some cases, however, the bank may set a limit to monitor suspicious cases.

It works 24 hours

Unlike traditional payment methods, which only take place on weekdays and business hours, Pix can be made at any time. In other words, if you need to receive or send amounts in unconventional periods (such as dawn or weekend), you won’t have any problems.

How to ensure security?

Digital tools have been allies in product negotiations. This does not mean that the fear of buying through WhatsApp or other means will disappear forever. While it’s been clear that Pix is ​​safe, we’ve listed some practices that can make the user even more comfortable while using it. 👌

Verify data before transferring money

The instant payment system shows the destination account information right after key supply. So, always check if the data presented refer to the person or company that should receive the amount.

This is also true for transactions made with QR Code. Ideally, always review the beneficiary’s name and amount entered into the application. Thus, you avoid account and monetary amount errors.

Prefer random key for unknowns

All types of keys are secure as they do not give access to the bank account. However, if you are not comfortable offering your personal data to anyone, prioritize random codes when requesting payments from strangers.

Keys with e-mail, CPF and telephone can be reserved only for groups you live with, such as friends and family you trust. This ensures greater privacy and prevents important numbers from circulating around.

Find out about the types of scams

No one is exempt from the risks associated with using payment systems. So, follow the news about harmful practices that are being applied. This will help you get rid of scams and make your network-aware to take the same precautions.

Be careful, for example, with websites that simulate the electronic addresses of banks to ask for your personal data. There are also cases where criminals pretend to be a friend or family member asking for money through WhatsApp, often using a copy of the contact’s original photo. 😕

Here are some tips on how to handle your finances on Pix without fear:

  • register all available keys, even if you won’t use most of them — this prevents malicious people from taking advantage of data that has not been registered;
  • never access unknown links received by email, SMS, social network or WhatsApp;
  • never use your passwords and keys outside the official financial institution app;
  • do not share verification codes obtained by email or SMS;
  • be suspicious of calls requesting data or indicating a problem with registration on Pix.


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