Even if some are unaware, the keyboards have an option to be backlit, that is, a keyboard that has its own light to facilitate its use in low light environments, providing the user with all the convenience and security so that he can fulfil his goals. any time or place.

Did you know that? No? So read on, as we’ve listed this and some other options below to make your life easier.

What are backlit or backlit keyboards?

They are keyboards that have LED lights below their keys, thus bringing a greater prominence to facilitate the necessary actions.

This option can bring great convenience to the user who is forced to work in an environment with poor lighting or who cannot turn on the lights to avoid disturbing people who are sleeping nearby, for example, thus impairing their performance and even their vision.

The difference between backlit and backlit keyboards is due to the fact that backlit keyboards pass the light across the key, while the backlit keyboard only keeps the light on the base.

It is necessary for us to know if our keyboard has such a function, which takes place through two flat cables, one for reading what is being typed and the other for illuminating the keyboard.

Backlit keyboards are used to facilitate work in a low-light environment so that the user does not make typing mistakes or access commands he did not intend.

Thus, the main advantage of a keyboard with a backlight or blacklight, in English, is the ease with which we can work or play in any environment.

Although commonly known, backlit keyboards are not available on 100% of notebooks. It is up to the user to ask the seller whether or not his option has such a feature.

Is it possible to exchange an ordinary keyboard for a backlit keyboard?

Unfortunately, this practice is not yet possible, as there would be no space for flat cables or slots to make this option work. That is, either the manufacturer makes the equipment available with this update, or it will be necessary for the user to choose another model of equipment.

What is ribbon cable and slot?

A flat cable or ribbon cable is a thin cable designed not to take up large spaces inside your PC or notebook.

Slot or slots are slots designed to attach cables and cards to your computer or notebook.

Learn how to turn on your keyboard light

With the onset of the pandemic, home office work has become very common, which makes it necessary to interrupt work several times for some domestic issue. Thus, it is necessary to work at night, and the lighting in the place is not always adequate – for that there is keyboard lighting.

There are three steps required to turn on lighting on your computer. Are they:

Step 1

It is necessary for the user to find the button that activates the function. It usually contains the design of something that sheds light.

On most models, it is found at the bottom next to the “Fn” key, but manufacturers can choose to place it elsewhere.

Step 2

Once you’ve located the button, just press it and the LEDs light up. In some cases it is necessary to press the “Fn” button simultaneously so that you can illuminate your keyboard.

Step 3

To adjust the lighting, the user must press the “Fn” key and then increase or decrease the intensity. The option can also be found in the navigation menu.

How do I activate the backlit keyboard on notebooks?

As well as a computer keyboard, the notebook also has a backlight system, which we will teach you how to activate it so that you can use this convenience.

Step 1

It is extremely common that when typing, the user ends up giving commands without realizing it, and to solve this problem just find the brightness button that can be located on the “F10”, “F11” or “F12” buttons, varying accordingly with your device model.

Step 2

Then press the “AltGr” and the activation keyboard. On some models, you will also need to press the “Fn” button.

Step 3

When activating the backlight it is necessary to adjust the brightness intensity through settings by pressing the shortcuts.

Activation from Windows start screen

Windows also has a direct activation function. When turning on your notebook, just press the “F2” button several times, thus accessing the Windows resource manager.

The system will be in English, on the left side, where you should select “system configuration”. Soon after, you will find the “keyboard” option and you must activate the “Bright” routine, which is at the top of the options. After doing this, confirm the changes by selecting “Apply”, close the window and the computer will return to its normal activation routine.

Keyboard driver update

There are cases in which errors occur when activating the backlight. For this, the user just needs to update the driver through the device manager.

Find the option “keyboard” and select with the right side of the mouse “properties”, so it will be possible to find out through the general option the status of the device”.

If it is out of date, the user must access the driver tab and click on “update driver”. There may be a problem that the company does not have an updated version of the driver in question, but a search on the internet is enough for this problem to be resolved.

In this search, you will find the most up-to-date versions of your drive and thus be able to correct system failures that prevented the backlight from turning on.

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