Have you heard of this alternative or had the opportunity to use it in your payments? As you can imagine, this is a version that takes advantage of internet resources to be able to buy this form of payment. Best of all, its benefits reach both sellers and customers. 😉

How about getting deeper into the subject and finding out how you can embrace the novelty? Stay with us and clear your main doubts!

What is an instalment plan?

Briefly, it is a kind of financing of goods and services. It is for those people who, for some reason, do not want to or cannot pay cash. In this way, they are able to plan purchases to settle the amounts in several instalments.

The instalment plan is the system behind the well-known instalments. In other words, when someone goes to a store and decides to take a product home, they have the option of negotiating with the sales team to take out a loan and, thus, cover the total price in a longer period. 😍

In these cases, the entire process is decided with the store, without the involvement of banks and other financial institutions. The customer receives a block with the booklets containing the amounts of the instalments. From then on, he just needs to pay for each leaflet on the scheduled date, every month.

The own instalment plan has little bureaucracy and makes life easier for consumers. After all, it establishes a relationship of trust with the stores and guarantees conditions that are more suited to the profile of each customer. This helps make the purchase fit in your pocket and not cause worries.

How does the online instalment plan work?

This can be considered the digital version of the traditional instalment plan. The process for registering, however, is the same as for regular instalment plans: you need to go to the store and request the opening of the instalment plan. For this, some documents and other information are requested that will be evaluated by the sales team. 😄

If you have the credit approved, you can already use it in both the physical store and the online store.

What are the advantages of the online version?

The instalment plan, by itself, already brings weight differentials for those who do not want to commit to very high values ​​all at once. That’s because, compared to other forms of payment, it usually involves lower interest rates and longer terms to pay off purchases.

Not to mention that it favours the lives of people who do not have a credit card and wish to opt for payment in instalments. There are even those who prefer the booklet to avoid compromising the card limit, which helps to keep track of the bills and avoid the accumulation of debts. 💸

The digital instalment plan basically involves the same advantages as the physical store, but now via cell phone or computer. This includes doing everything from the comfort of home, without having to go to the store or talk to a salesperson. Other benefits that result from this convenience are:

  • greater convenience — the buyer can buy through instalment plans without having to go to the physical store;
  • Time savings — no need to go to the store or another institution to pay monthly fees. By accessing the customer portal, you generate the slip and can pay in any bank or lottery application. In addition, in the system, it is possible to check the remaining amounts and issue the slips with ease.



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