Tech and Civic Shuffle is that the third game mode in Civilization VI introduced within the August 2020 Update. It provides further replayability to the sport by activity and randomizing positions of all technologies and social science. it’s accessible to any or all players, no matter their possession standing of the expansions and therefore the New Frontier Pass.


This is perhaps the foremost simple mode within the game. Simply put, the school and social science trees get irregular, equally to the longer-term Era techs and social science in Rising and Fall. Here are the details:

  • Technologies and social science are going to be shuffled inside their eras (e.g. you’ll not notice applied science within the Medieval Era or Irrigation within the Renaissance Era).
  • The layouts of the 2 trees (e.g. the number of branches, the number of leaf technologies, and civics) modification each game.
  • Identities and positions of each technology and civic within the game are going to be hidden (except for the Code of Laws and therefore the 3 gap technologies: husbandry, Mining, and Pottery). conditions and prices of them also will be irregular per their new positions inside their eras of analysis.
  • The irregular trees are going to be identical for all players within the game.
  • Unlockables won’t be modified.
  • Technologies and social science are often disclosed by researching all of their conditions, or after they are boosted by Eureka Eurekas and Inspiration Inspirations.


This mode is misleadingly straightforward – randomizing the trees could sound like simply a small modification, while not several gameplay repercussions. this is often removed from true, however, as a result of players are going to be forced to regulate their progression strategy on the fly! Not having the ability to even see specifically wherever a core technology or civic is within the tree could cause a variety of difficulties for each player, from the shortcoming to creating sure units or districts at the instant once you would like the most, to easily delaying general progression. though there’s no definitive resolution, one straightforward methodology that you simply will try and do each game is to trigger the Eureka Eurekas and Inspiration Inspirations of whichever techs and social science you’re sorting out. when with success locating their positions, you continue to got to discover what techs/civics are the conditions for what you wish, thus placing a minimum of one flip of analysis into these conditions for them to reveal themselves, and so contemplate whether or not or not you’ll be able to trigger the boost conditions of these techs/civics yet.

Some wonders become a lot inconvenient to create beneath a shuffled technology tree. as an example, Oxford needs an associate degree adjacent University. within the usual technology tree, Oxford is unbolted by theory, which needs Education, that unlocks Universities. beneath a shuffled technology tree, however, it’s potential for theory and Education to get on separate branches of the technology tree. Another example is that the Venetian Arsenal.

Overall, this mode is for folks that would like strategy-disrupting changes. Civilizations with power spikes that bank a great deal on precise temporal arrangement (like Poland, Indonesia, or Vietnam) could notice this mode further difficult, whereas civilizations WHO love triggering boost conditions regardless (like China or Babylon) could have a leg up.


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