Technological advancement grows as fast as Samantha, an 11-year-old girl, who has stood out for her skills with learning and using Apps, managing to win three technology competitions in Nicaragua.

Her testimony is evidence of how girls reach their empowerment thanks to technology from an early age. “I won the first contest when I was in first grade, the second in third grade, and the most recent, in sixth grade,” said Samantha.

He recently participated in the APPrenderé basic programming course, which once again put his knowledge to the test using the Scratch Junior App. “I learned how to move objects, write dialogues, and create animations to animate a story. It’s my favorite app, ”Samantha said.

The hours of preparation to compete with 56 children and adolescents from the same grade and another school, was worth it. Samantha and her team won second place in APPrenderé.

His project was one of the best for meeting the basic criteria that were needed such as creativity, innovation, message transmission, originality and it demonstrated the complexity in programming to transmit a message in favor of the conservation of the environment.

“I like to use technology to raise awareness of social problems such as environmental pollution. If we don’t act now, one day we may be left without a planet, ”said Samantha.

The most important thing for her was not winning but having fun, sharing, and working as a team. One of the advantages of technology is that it promotes childhood skills, such as collaborative work, the development of critical and logical thinking, and the practice of values ​​such as respect and gender equality.

“Technology is a very good way to grow, I put listening into practice because we don’t usually work as a team, but now we challenge what we traditionally do,” said Samantha.

“Technology helps girls with their education, both culturally and socially, and also helps them to share their knowledge with other people who do not have economic or educational capabilities with the use of applications,” said Samantha, who dreams of building houses for families that do not have a decent home.


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