We understand that choosing a notebook wallpaper may not really be our first concern of the day. After all, it doesn’t matter what image or video will be in the background when we know that we will be spending long hours working, studying or even playing (gamers, we never forget you).

But one thing we have to admit: it can be extremely annoying and tiring to spend all day looking at the same screensaver, especially when it hasn’t been changed for months (or even years).

Anyone who has Windows 10 knows that the desktop background of the notebook is very dynamic and beautiful. However, few people know that there is a way to customize it. You can change that default image for a multitude of system options, choose an image of yourself and/or your family or, if in doubt, you can even run a real slideshow with numerous options.

What didn’t seem to make that much of a difference turned out to be interesting, didn’t it?

That’s why we’ve separated this article to bring you some tips to enjoy and make better use of your notebook’s wallpaper. But first, let’s understand how to make this switch – both on Windows and macOS.

Come on?

What is the procedure for changing the desktop background on a notebook?

In Windows the step by step to change the lock screen background is as follows:

• Click on the Windows symbol in the lower-left corner of the screen and then on “Settings”;

• Now just click on “Personalization” and the settings will be opened directly in the background option;

• In “Background Screen” you can choose whether you prefer an image, a solid color or a slideshow to appear in the background;

• Below, you can also choose from the available images or click on “Browse” to access your computer images, your family, a special trip or other moments you would like to remember, using them as your wallpaper;

• Finally, in “choose a setting”, you can still adjust the image dimensions, stretch it, enlarge it, center it, til it, and so on.

Too easy, isn’t it?

On Mac the step by step is very similar:

• In the traditional Apple menu, go to “system preferences”, click on “desk and screensaver” and finally go to “desk”;

• On the left side of the screen will appear options for you to choose solid colors or images of your preference;

• If you prefer to use your personal images, click on the “browse” option and select them on your computer;

• The new screen will be updated immediately – and if you don’t like the new choice, you can go back to the previous one or repeat the procedure and choose a new one;

• There is also the option to configure the images to change with a certain frequency of time. Just select the images from a specific folder on your Macbook and the time (every week or two days, for example) to finish this setup.

Now let’s get to the part that really matters? Some tips to make this notebook background change much more interesting.

Tips for using your notebook wallpaper

1. How about a fun slideshow?

If you share your notebook with a co-worker or family member, you can use a slideshow as a background for a birthday surprise or even to break the ice after a disagreement.

2. Use Pinterest

Pinterest is a unique social photo-sharing network. In addition to inspiration for just about anything you can imagine, it’s also possible to use it to find very interesting wallpapers for your notebook, of any theme. It’s definitely a way to never get bored of the photos or videos in the background.

3. Videos as background

Did you know that you can use videos on your notebook’s background screen? So, if you are also part of the team of dynamism and movement enthusiasts, this information has certainly made your day more special.

To do this you will need to download a specific application, VLC Media Player. Access the video through it, go to the video and then click “Set as wallpaper”. If you get sick, just uncheck this option in the app.

4. A background for each monitor

If you use a duplicate monitor for your work or study activities, you can use a background for each of them, you know?

For that, you will need to use your computer’s Shift and Ctrl commands. Then, just select with the right button the image you want to put as background on this monitor and, finally, click on “set”. The image will only be in the centre of this monitor, while the others will remain as they were before. Great, isn’t it?

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