Which is to analyze everything calmly, you already know. But, what do we take into account when choosing a cell phone on Black Friday? It can already be said that it is not just the price, much less just the design. In addition to being beautiful and cheap, the device has to be good! 🤑

It’s good for you, of course, in a way that meets everything we said about needs and tastes. But nobody needs to be a technology expert to identify a good cell phone, ok? Here, we gather the main aspects to consider!


The cell phone’s display, or simply its screen, can be analyzed in three ways, by resolution, by panel technology and by screen speed. Today, for example, it is very common to find high-resolution screens for a nice price, especially for those who like to watch movies and series on their smartphones.

Screen definition can be checked by pixel density per inch. That’s what size and resolution are all about. The more pixels there are per inch, the sharper the image will be, got it? If it’s 326px every inch or more, you already have a high-definition screen phone. 📱

Currently, we also have different technologies used on the screen, as well as its speed, measured in Hertz (Hz). This helps you know how many times your display refreshes per second — the faster, the more natural and fluid your page and application transitions, for example. The industry today has a 60 Hz standard, which is pretty good, but you can find cell phones with 90 or even 120 Hz.


This component is considered the brain of the cell phone, responsible for doing everything the operating system and installed applications want to do. As with a computer, the more powerful the processor, the better the performance of the mobile device.

If you need to do more complex things on your cell phone, or heavier tasks, you’re going to need a good processor. Anyone who likes to edit videos or play games with very realistic graphics also depends on a powerful chip — the processor chip, ok? We are not talking about your carrier’s chip here. 😉

But, how to know which processor is good or not? Simple! Just check the number of cores it has, their speeds and measurements in GHz. The more cores, the more things the chip can do at the same time , and the faster, the faster these instructions happen. We usually see around:

  • quad-core processors, with four cores (example: Smartphone LG K22 Plus );
  • hexa-core processors, with six cores (example: Smartphone Apple iPhone XR);
  • octa-core processors, with eight cores (example: Xiaomi Redmi 9C ).

RAM memory

This is already the memory space your cell phone has to support all your operations. You also use this to store temporary files and data so that the system continues to run without crashing.

RAM memory is also responsible for making the smartphone faster to respond to commands and work with various apps open in the background. When you access something in the foreground, memory allows you to pick up where you left off. Too good, right? After all, can you imagine just having to reload everything from scratch every time? 😩

We’ve seen devices today with 8GB and even 12GB RAM — and that’s a lot! But you can have great phones with less RAM , as long as they meet your needs.


In addition to RAM memory, we also need to investigate the amount of internal storage in the cell phone. That’s where we keep everything: files, photos, videos, memes that we send people in groups and so on.

Before, anyone who had a cell phone with 32 GB of storage was already in the clouds. However, over time, and new applications appearing on the market, the devices started to need more internal space. Hence, 64 GB and even 128 GB smartphones appeared. And, look, you can get your stomach out of misery with all this!

However, for those who depend on more space than that, especially when using the cell phone to work, edit videos and photos, etc., some more expensive devices offer up to 512 GB, as is the case with iPhone models. However, the more storage, the more money you have to shell out. 💸

An alternative is to look for cell phones that let you expand this space with memory cards. Samsung is great in this regard because it allows the inclusion of the card. But we also have this functionality in Multilaser devices, for example, with a Micro SD card up to 64 GB.


Are you one of those people who even take pictures of food? The camera is, without a doubt, one of the most used features in a cell phone today. So it’s worth investing in a device that has a nice set of lenses — yes, brands have been creating models with two, three or more built-in cameras! 📸

But quantity is not always quality, so keep an eye on each camera’s maximum resolution. It comes in megapixels (MP), but it’s not the only important feature: check the lens aperture (a focal ratio that allows for better photos in the dark), image processing, zoom features, pan, etc.


Yes, she couldn’t be left out! After all, no one deserves to be held hostage by a charger cable, right? The cell phone’s battery capacity is essential for you to enjoy your device longer away from the socket.

Your battery’s capacity is measured in milliamperes/hour (mAh). Typically, the most popular batteries are 4,500 mAh, even in cheaper cell phones. But there are already models with long-lasting batteries, which surpass this market standard. 🔋

But it alone does not work miracles: if the processor is slow, for example, it may increase energy consumption. Another important detail is the quick recharge. The latest models usually come with fonts with technology to speed up charging, so you can get back to using your phone as soon as possible.



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