The digital transformation has brought about a profound change in skills needs. Today, companies compete for digital talent. And who says wanted candidates, also says high salaries! Do you want to earn a good living? Orient yourself in the New Technologies sector.

To help you, Glassdoor has identified 10 jobs in Tech paying more than € 3,000 / month:

Software Architect

Average monthly base salary: € 4,381

Description: The Software Architect designs and builds complex systems and software architectures. It analyzes existing architectures and issues recommendations as part of their overhaul. Finally, he advises the development teams and ensures that the defined architecture standards are respected.

Product Owner

Average monthly base salary: € 3,952

Description: The Product Owner’s mission is to define and design a product using the Scrum method. A true conductor, he links the client and the technique. He establishes the vision of a product, designs the roadmap, breaks down the technical stages, and organizes quality tests.

Data Scientist

Average monthly base salary: € 3,763

Description: The Data Scientist is responsible for the management, analysis, and exploitation of the company’s big data (Big Data). It identifies the needs and issues of the company and determines indicators to respond to these issues. It organizes and synthesizes data to make it usable for the company’s strategy.

Full Stack Developer

Average monthly base salary: 3,583 €

Description: The Full-Stack Developer is competent in all areas: back-end, front-end, architecture, user experience… He is perfectly autonomous and can design a program from A to Z and ensure its maintenance.

Data Analyst

Average monthly base salary: € 3,510

Description: The Data Analyst creates databases, manages them, and analyzes company data, to promote its development. He guarantees the quality and consistency of this data and brings his marketing perspective to advise on the strategy.

Big Data Consultant

Average monthly base salary: € 3,475

Description: The Big Data Consultant most often works in an ESN (Digital Service Company) or a consulting firm. It collects, structures, and analyzes massive data to highlight avenues for development for the company. He can participate in calls for tenders and offer advice in the field of data.

Digital Project Manager

Average monthly base salary: € 3,349

Description: The Digital Project Manager coordinates and carries out digital projects, whether they are websites, databases, Intranet, mobile applications, etc. He draws up the specifications, draws up the schedule, and the budget. Its field of action can also extend to the implementation of online marketing campaigns and traffic analysis.

Software Engineer

Average monthly base salary: € 3,250

Description: The Software Engineer creates software of all kinds: software for inventory management, accounting, etc. He analyzes the tasks to be performed by the computer, establishes specifications, and is in charge of producing a model. The project will then be translated into machine language and the software will be created, in collaboration with the developers.

UX Designer

Average monthly base salary: € 3,221

Description: The User Experience (UX) Designer designs and optimizes digital interfaces to provide the most intuitive and efficient user experience possible. He must reconcile the financial objectives of the company with the needs of the users. UX Designer works in collaboration with graphic designers, product managers, and developers.

Social Media Manager

Average monthly base salary: € 3,088

Description: The Social Media Manager develops and manages the visibility and reputation of the brand on social networks. He defines the strategy on social networks in agreement with the Marketing Department and sets up an action plan. It follows the performance of its various actions using Web Analytics tools.
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