When the time comes to decide what we want to do or obtain in our lives regardless of the deadline, we must consider something that is fundamental, the importance of personal finances.

Money allows us to achieve our goals. When we are clear about our priorities, we can make spending decisions that are aligned with these goals.


Personal finance refers to the administration of the resources of the individual or entire family and takes into account what is gained and money is spent, but also what is owed and tools to improve financial goals.


To manage them properly, it is important to know the fixed income – what money is received -, the fixed expenses – rent, pantry, electricity, etc. -, assets – the payment of a house or apartment -, and liabilities – debts with a bank or people -.

Having these elements clear, you can begin to land goals and know how much money to allocate to each of the objectives that you set for yourself.

In addition, you will be able to diversify the tools to better manage yourself, by having greater certainty of the financial instruments that you can integrate according to your payment capacity.


Having healthy finances not only means living without debt, it is the opportunity to increase your wealth, make investments, improve your savings and generate a greater and better economy at home, hence the importance of personal finances.

Investment is the next step to saving, its implementation means that it has been possible to maintain economic stability that allows not only to live covering fixed expenses and cover unforeseen events, but enough has been saved to get more out of your money.

Personal finances guarantee financial peace of mind in the future, including saving for retirement in which you seek to gather a sufficient amount to cover the needs of old age at the time of retirement.

Without a doubt, a stage that must be planned with time and discipline, so taking action on the matter is very important to enjoy it.

Working on your finances is not a process that is easily learned, so you can rely on an expert to help you develop a good strategy or use digital tools such as excel or special applications.


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